Azalaï Desert Lodge is located very close to Zagora in Southern Morocco, in the heart of the world’s largest palm grove, which stretches over nearly 200 kilometres along the Draa Valley. It is a lodge which has been designed especially for those who are passionate about the desert. In the middle of nature, the peaceful cool of the lodge’s luscious garden, the lodge is a refreshing and enchanting break.

Our rooms

The lodge has 8 rooms. It consists of a long main building, serving the living rooms and library, and two bungalows located in the garden that house the rooms. In the shade of the thick stone walls, the adjoining lounges open onto the garden, its swimming pool and a rest area in the shade of date palms. Into the bungalows, each room has an authentic, refined feel, inspired by the world of the writer and inveterate traveller such as Paul Bowles, Henri Matisse, Odette du Puigaudeau or Antoine de Saint Exupéry…

Discovery Room

Area 20m2 See prices

  • Garden view
  • Private terrace
  • Safe
  • Set of toiletries
  • Hair dryer
  • Welcome tray

Traveler Room

Area 25m2 See prices

  • Garden view
  • Private terrace
  • Safe
  • Set of toiletries
  • Hair dryer
  • Welcome tray

Azalaï Room

Area 30m2 See prices

  • Garden view
  • Private terrace
  • Mini Bar
  • Safe
  • Set of toiletries
  • Hair dryer
  • Coffee machine and Nespresso pods
  • Kettle and organic Tchaba tea
  • Welcome tray

Between lounging in a hammock or by the pool, and walks through the heart of the Draa Valley palm grove

Date and almond milk

Just a quick blend is all that’s required to make this sweet, rich milk full of vitamins, fibre and antioxidants.
2 large glasses of milk
1 good handful of raw almonds
3 dates (halved and stoned)
1 tablespoon of orange blossom water
Blend the halved, stoned dates. Add the almonds and blend some more. Finally, add the milk, plus two ice cubes for a really refreshing drink, and blend a little more. (Strain if required)


The tanjia pot is filled with roughly chopped cubes of beef to which are added a few spoons of olive oil, slices of preserved lemon, a bit of ginger, some garlic and pinches of cumin, salt and pepper. Finally, a little water is poured in and the tanjia is covered and left to simmer for four hours.
Lobster with baby garden vegetables

« To the thinkers of the town the impulse into Nitria had ever been irresistible, not probably that they found God dwelling there, but that in its solitude they heard more certainly the living word they brought with them »
T.E. Lawrence

Here, time slows to the pace of a walk or a bicycle ride

From a dense forest of palms to the riverbed or the doors of the small local museum, a traditional terracotta building which showcases the traditions and customs of the Draa Valley peoples.
Further on, ksars and kasbahs illustrate the full richness of the valley’s history, architecture, art and handicrafts, culminating in the maze of streets that make up the Jewish kasbah of Amazrou…


Towards Tamegroute

Twenty kilometres or so from Zagora, enthusiasts can discover the magnificent green pottery for which the region is so famous. Nearby, the Quranic library proudly displays works penned with inks made from walnut, saffron, henna or fine gold on gazelle-skin parchment, the oldest of which date back to the thirteenth century, and is one attraction not to be missed in the region.
Then there’s the souk in Zagora, which affords an opportunity to fully experience this desert village, whose local residents are always delighted to share its treasures.

Azalaï Desert Lodge is open from september to may

Room Area Single Double
Découverte 20m2 1700 dhs/night 1900 dhs/night
Voyage 25m2 1900 dhs/night 2100 dhs/night
Azalaï 30m2 2200 dhs/night 2450 dhs/night
  • Breakfast and dinner included
  • Wifi in the living rooms
  • Ironing service on request
  • Return airport transfer on request

Azalaï Desert Lodge

Douar Tissergate
Ternata Rural Municipality
47 923 Province of Zagora
Mobile +212 6 61 16 43 94
GPS: 30°23’34.3”N 5°51’17.1”W

  • By car
    From Marrakech: 7h drive
    From Ouarzazate: 2h30 drive
    From Skoura: 3h drive
  • By helicopter
    Zagora and Marrakech airports
    Flight operated by Héliconia
  • From one site to another
    From Azalaï Desert Camp to Azalaï Desert Lodge: 3h drive by 4×4
  • By private plane
    Zagora and Marrakech airports
    Flight operated by Héliconia or other provider
  • By plane
    From Casablanca: direct flight operated by Royal Air Maroc (Monday-Wednesday-Friday)