The Sahara. Azalaï Desert Camp offers a unique encounter with the desert in the hollow of the Chigaga dunes. Accessible by 4×4 from M’Hamid, these dunes offer an extreme and wild spectacle. Here, time stops. Silence is enveloping. It is a perfect spot for contemplation. Marvel as the warm, lazy breath of the wind nudges the crests of sand ever further away.

Our tents

Our seven tents are all canvas. They have been specially designed to offer space and comfort. Each is equipped with a bathroom and eco-friendly toilets. Our Courrier Sud tents are larger, enabling you to enjoy some wonderful times with your family or friends in the heart of the desert.


Area 20m2 See prices

  • Papillon armchairs
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Set of toiletries
  • Ecological wc
  • Welcome tray

Courrier Sud

Area 36m2 See prices

  • Living room
  • Desk
  • Papillon armchairs
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Set of toiletries
  • Hair Dryer
  • Welcome tray
  • Exclusive service

Conquer the desert your way: indulge in complete idleness or opt for more adventure on the back of an Aftout or Rgueibi camel, a haughty king.

Mint tea

There’s not a traveller in the world who can turn down this delicacy.
Swirl some piping hot water around a teapot, then add one teaspoon of green tea leaves per person… and an extra one for the pot! Add boiling water and leave to infuse for a few minutes. Finally, add some fresh mint leaves and a little sugar for those who have a sweet tooth!


Taguella (sand-baked bread)

A desert dwellers’ recipe
Wheat flour, salt and a little water. Mix the three ingredients together until you have a pliable dough. Leave the dough in the sun to rise. Light a fire in the sand then rake over the embers. Make a hole in the scorching sand and put the hand-kneaded dough inside before covering with sand. After 25 minutes, retrieve the bread from the sand, dust it off and… It’s ready to enjoy!

« When talking of the desert, is it not better to stay silent, as it does, and to pay tribute to it not through our idle chatter but through our silence? »
Theodore Monod

Spend a few nights under a star-spangled sky

People come here to walk, in search of a retreat far from urban life. Sometimes people even come on camelback, travelling along the ridges of the dunes which shift with the chlouc and ghibli winds…
Elsewhere, they become one with the serenity of the landscape, on yoga mats at dawn or dusk, as the temperature eases and the sun draws level with the horizon.

In the hollow of the dunes, others try their hand on a makeshift golf green, built for hitting a few balls that fly out into the silence of the desert. But nearly everyone simply sits on the golden sand, contemplating the eternity of the waves. It has an expiatory, redemptive effect in which the measure of things seems to right itself.

Azalaï Desert Camp is open from september to may

Tent Area Single Double
Prestige 20m2 3500 dhs/night 4000 dhs/night
Courrier Sud 36m2 6500 dhs/night 7000 dhs/night
  • Breakfast and dinner included
  • Return airport transfer on request
  • Return helicopter transfer on request operated by Héliconia

Azalaï Desert Camp

Erg Chegaga
Mhamid Municipality
Province of Zagora
Mobile +212 6 61 16 43 94
GPS: 29°48’26.1”N 6°09’40.4”W

  • By car
    From Marrakech: 9h drive
    From Ouarzazate: 5h30 drive
    From Skoura: 6h30 drive
  • From one site to another
    From Azalaï Desert Lodge
    to Azalaï Desert Camp:
    3h drive by 4×4
  • In a helicopter
    Zagora and Marrakech airports
    Flight operated by Héliconia